[lug] Postscript question

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Fri Aug 4 21:51:45 MDT 2000


I've been doing some work in raw Postscript because I don't know TeX
well enough to do the exact layout I need.  I'm trying to make some
business cards on Avery's #8377 templates.  (MS Word can do this
pretty easily, but I'm not even sure anybody's bothered to try to do
it under Linux)

I've got the boxes done, the fonts figured out, there are some great
postscript tutorials, but I've been banging my head against a
particular thing for far too long now:

What Postscript do I need to write to plonk an EPS (or other image)
file into a space on the page?  What issues do I need to be aware of
with this?  The Gimp gives EPS/PS output ending in a 'showpage'
command, which I suspect I'll need to change... But a simple /include
doesn't do what I need.  I haven't found a tutorial or FAQ that
explains this.

I know it's not linux-specific, but I hope someone here might have a
suggestion that wouldn't involve completely starting over, unless it
really is non-trivial to do what I need in raw Postscript.

Chris Riddoch
socket at peakpeak.com

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