[lug] WTD: 486 MB

Gary Hodges hodges at srrb.noaa.gov
Sat Aug 5 21:41:12 MDT 2000

I have one of those overdrive processors that I can't get to work with my 
current 486 (I think it is because I can't get the thing fully seated), 
so I'm now after a MB with one of those sockets that has the handle.  It 
will have to support 30 pin RAM, unless it will come with 72 pin RAM.  A 
manual for the board would be great, or at least be able to identify the 
manufacturer and model number.  A bonus would be a decent video card by 
486 standards.  If you have something like this you would like to get rid 
of, send me an email or call.  I'm located in Longmont, and could pick it 
up in the Boulder/Longmont area tomorrow (Sunday).  Lemme know...


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