[lug] Postscript question

JEFF PFOHL pfohl at sandia.gov
Sun Aug 6 14:52:24 MDT 2000

I admit I've never tried to make a business card with LaTex or
Tex. However I believe I can answer your question. I'm going to put
this into LaTex language and not hacking the straight postscript for

To put a *.ps or *.epsi into another *.ps using LaTex you need the:


at the beginning of the *.tex file. You can download psfix.tex from
any good LaTex site. Or from my homepage:


This is simply the utility which allows you to do the following:

When you want to insert the *.ps or *.epsi you need to include the
lines (granted this is perhaps more complicated than you need but you
can simply easier than you can find the flags you are missing):

hoffset=-90 voffset=50 hscale=80 vscale=80 angle=-90}  
\caption[Evolution of single-particle energies from the simple harmonic
oscillator to the realistic spherical shell model]{Evolution of single-particle
energies from the simple harmonic oscillator to a realistic
shell model potential with {\bf $l$}$^{2}$ and {\bf $l \cdot s$}
terms. From \cite{casten90}.}

For a business card I would guess you simply need:

hoffset=-90 voffset=50 hscale=80 vscale=80 angle=-90}  

You'll of course need to play with the offsets, scale and angle to
make it work. IT is fairly straightforward.

If this doesn't work let me know and we'll try something else. I can
email you some *.ps documents which include *.epsi so you can see the
raw postscript if you decide to continue hacking the postscript

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