[lug] Postscript question

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Sun Aug 6 17:09:24 MDT 2000

Thus spoke JEFF PFOHL
> I admit I've never tried to make a business card with LaTex or
> Tex. However I believe I can answer your question. I'm going to put
> this into LaTex language and not hacking the straight postscript for
> now.

The original question was for Postscript, so I thought I'd mention that I
converted my Gimp-generated raster image for my business cards into a
Postscript program to produce just about the same results.  I didn't,
however, include a raster image into the postscript program as Chris had
asked about.  Debugging was easy - just load the program into ghostview.

Chris, if you want the postscript version of my business cards as an
example you're welcome to it.  Let me know
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