[lug] residential T1

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Sun Aug 6 20:32:46 MDT 2000

aaz wrote:
>  Hi,
> We are looking to get a T1 at a condominium unit in north boulder. I have
> heard that sometimes residential installs can't happen due to "lack of
> facilities", since I'm not a big telco expert I figured I would throw this
> out to the list.
> Can anyone explain to me the likelyhood of being able to get one installed
> or what the requirements are? The condo complex was built around 1988-89.
> Upon inquiring w/ US West about DSL service we always got turned down due to
> "fiber in the lines" or something to the effect, hence looking at a T1.
> thanks!
> -aaz
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Check with rockynet.net. I've considered a T1 just because it is the
only thing available, beyond 56k, here in my neighborhood (isdn requires
a booster that massively boosts the cost, cable isn't available, and the
lines don't qualify for dsl). Typically there is a large install fee,
and a large monthly fee, for the line. Sometimes rockynet subsidizes
this (do ask if you can get both forward and reverse dns, since my
company doesn't get reverse...I assume it is because my company doesn't
want it). It is expensive, but T1's can be run almost anywhere, and the
backbone coop that most of the area uses runs through Boulder.

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