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Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Sun Aug 6 22:41:19 MDT 2000

On Sun, Aug 06, 2000 at 08:23:47PM -0600, aaz wrote:
>We are looking to get a T1 at a condominium unit in north boulder. I have
>heard that sometimes residential installs can't happen due to "lack of

The only way to tell is to order one and find out...  However, to order
one you have to have the other end-point negotiated, so you'll probably
want to talk to an ISP.  coop.net is one you may want to look at, they
have a good price and good connectivity.  Line charges for a T1 are $250
per month and up, with ISP charges on top of that (don't forget routers,
they're around $1500 to buy up-front, and you need one per end).

I presume that you're looking to aggregate this cost across a number of
people...  Don't forget that a T1 takes 2 pairs, which is all that's run
into most dewllings, so you may have to deal with dropping your phone
service or getting more pairs run from the telco demarc to your
location -- unless you have a central phone closet that you can put
equipment in.

I had a T1 into my residence and had a lot of hassles.  First of all,
it was quoted at $205/month, they sent a contract for $210, and we
were billed $250 for 6 months until they finally said they couldn't
give us $210 and would send a new contract over.  During this time
the T1 was totally flaky (the CSU/DSU reported a tens to hundreds of
short outages per day, and some longer -- the longest being 12 hours).

US West was rolling out DSL around the time they were trying to get us
to sign a 2.5-year contract for $250/month, so we got DSL and told them
to shove the T1.  DSL has been MUCH more stable (though apparently they
think they had the T1 fixed up about the time we canceled it).

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