[lug] LPRng and RH 7.0

D. Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
Thu Aug 3 16:29:27 MDT 2000

Answer: Some of the above!

I got a LinkSys box w/a RJ45 & 3 || ports. It talks
TickPip & is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for 
the HPJetDirect box (@ < 1/2 the cost - & I've had 
pretty good luck w/other LS prods). Enny ways, it 
seems to have an Xport protocol ontop of which TCP/IP
trundles. I'll let you know how it goes! Maybe I'll 
let my WinDOS machines be the print servers. The way
these things are set up, the printer or printer node
needn't be "owned" by any particular host - that's the
way I set them up on Solaris (Sparc) systems for a 
couple of clients. There's some hpjetdirect software
for setting this all up on SunOS/Solaris, but I disremember
exactly how it works.

Calvin Dodge wrote:
> "D. Duke Smith" wrote:
> >
> > Where can I get drivers for printers not on the list available
> > at install time? (Sharp JX9500H & HP Office Jet 800). Also could
> > use some pointers to docs on hooking up via ether rather than having
> > dozens of || ports!
> I'm assuming your printers have network connections, or they're available as
> add-ons (like HP JetDirect cards).
> I can answer the second question IF you have printtool - so far manual
> configuration of all the files has been beyond me.
> IF your printer speaks TCP/IP, and either 1) Linux understands how to print to
> it (like postscript), or 2) you print to it solely from Windows via Samba (so
> Linux just acts as the carrier for the Windows print jobs), then you tell
> printtool you're adding a remote Unix printer, give it the IP address, and (I
> believe) don't select a filter.
> FWIW, this approach worked fine with all the HP printers on the network, but
> the Canon 400 doesn't print the jobs, even though it's communicating with lpd.
> When I asked Canon tech support about this problem they just said "look at the
> Printing HOW-TO".
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