[lug] Postscript question

D. Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
Sat Aug 5 01:48:33 MDT 2000

Chris -

I've been able to successfully edit M$Word .docs using
Sun's StarOffice word processor, 1 of many "Office"
- type programs in that suite. Haven't tried Avery
templates, but it's worth a try. There's a Linux version,
current level is 5.2. Another great step for Unixkind
towards breaking the bonds that tie us to WinDOS. Here's 
the URL (Sun's free SW download site):


I hope this works for ya,

- duke

Chris Riddoch wrote:
> Hi.
> I've been doing some work in raw Postscript because I don't know TeX
> well enough to do the exact layout I need.  I'm trying to make some
> business cards on Avery's #8377 templates.  (MS Word can do this
> pretty easily, but I'm not even sure anybody's bothered to try to do
> it under Linux)
> I've got the boxes done, the fonts figured out, there are some great
> postscript tutorials, but I've been banging my head against a
> particular thing for far too long now:
> What Postscript do I need to write to plonk an EPS (or other image)
> file into a space on the page?  What issues do I need to be aware of
> with this?  The Gimp gives EPS/PS output ending in a 'showpage'
> command, which I suspect I'll need to change... But a simple /include
> doesn't do what I need.  I haven't found a tutorial or FAQ that
> explains this.
> I know it's not linux-specific, but I hope someone here might have a
> suggestion that wouldn't involve completely starting over, unless it
> really is non-trivial to do what I need in raw Postscript.
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