[lug] JAVA and Apache.

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Mon Aug 7 11:22:45 MDT 2000

> What do you mean by 'uploading' a program. Are you talking
> about Java Applets, which is just some datafile for the server
> and therefore can't be harmfull for the server?

I was really talking about servlets (although I didn't know it at the
time.) I have uploaded several applets and couldn't get them to execute
using iMac and IE and Netscape. I went to sun.com and used one of their
test engines. Said my browsers were ignoring the applet tag. And my
browsers say "applet error: closeing".

>Your server admin would need to
> set up the server so it can run servlets (which shouldn't be
> a technical problem. I could imagine an admin getting slightly
> nervous if you  share the system with other users/customers.
> Often all server processes share the same user id and therefore
> a buggy/insecure servlet could possibly affect other customers).

Ok that answers it. I don't have any intentions that ar big enough to
justify a re-config. 
Thanks for the reply,


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