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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Mon Aug 7 15:23:33 MDT 2000

Thus spoke Chris Riddoch
> Ah! If the process of generating the postscript from the raster image
> is the same as using Gimp's export filter to save the image in
> postscript form, that's exactly what I'm trying to work with.

It's not.  I wrote a postscript program to create the same image in vector
form as it appears in raster form, but I didn't "include" the raster image
in the postscript program in any way.

> The postscript I wrote by hand simply defines a card, draws several
> copies of it in the appropriate places on the page, then shifts the
> whole thing to match my printer's margin.

That's what mine does, but it also does some simple 3D shading (to make a
colored sphere) and some other graphics tricks.  Not efficient, but it
works.  What it doesn't do is include a raster image (which in Postscript
is a huge section of pixel data using - I think - an "image" construct).

> I'm trying to include (or refer to a file of) the Gimp's postscript
> output in the postscript I wrote by hand that defines the card.

I don't know how to do that yet.  I didn't dig that deep.  In fact, I tried
to figure out how to include a raster image into a Postscript program but
the book I had didn't have a very good example of that, so I just punted
and redrew the graphics using postscript code.

> I suspect that would show me just what I need.

I'll send the postscript program in a separate, direct email.
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