[lug] "Streaming media player" for Linux

Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Mon Aug 7 15:50:47 MDT 2000

Thus spoke matthew.w.mcillece at lmco.com
> I've never played with a streaming media player, but have a newbie (less
> than one week using Linux) friend who would like to have one of these for
> his GPL Mandrake system.  Does anyone know what's available and where to get
> it?

For newbies, Streaming Media usually refers to either RealAudio or Windows
Media Player formats.  Standard MP3 streams is another option.  Real
Networks has a G2 player for Linux that plays all their formats just fine,
including video streams.  You can (or should be able to) download it from 
their site.  

There isn't a Linux player for Windows Media Player formats.  I tried
getting the MS version to work under WINE but that failed miserably.  I
can't even install the package.

MP3 support on Linux is quite widespread.  There are lots of MP3 players
available, most of which you can find at any of the applications
repositories (such as freshmeat, Tucows and Linux Apps).  

QuickTime 3.0 is supported in a number of ways.  I think xv has an external
option (ie it has to be downloaded separately) for this, but QuickTime 4.0
is not supported yet due to some licensing issues (I think).

Freshmeat:  http://freshmeat.net/
Tucows:  http://linux.tucows.com/
Linux Apps:  http://www.linuxapps.com/

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