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Mon Aug 7 16:58:25 MDT 2000


No, I wouldn't expect someone to be able "to call your IP address and expect
a fax to answer," but you should be able to receive faxes through your
network card anyway.  There just needs to be some service that takes the
call, saves the data to a file, and then arranges to send you the file when
you're ready.  I've heard of this being done through e-mail, but an
alternative would be through ftp.  Perhaps there are other ways to do it as

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> >Does such a thing exist as fax software that will work through a NIC?  I
> >found efax, but that is apparently for use through a modem only.
> Yes, it's called "e-mail".  ;-)
> Alternatively you can sign up for "jfax" (jfax.net) where you get a phone
> number that people can fax to which results in an e-mail being sent to
> you with the contents of the fax.  Surely you aren't asking if somone
> can use a telephone to call your IP address and expect a fax to answer?
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