[lug] ethernet fax software

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Mon Aug 7 17:07:31 MDT 2000

On Mon, Aug 07, 2000 at 05:00:12PM -0600, Ian Hall-Beyer wrote:
>On Mon, 7 Aug 2000 matthew.w.mcillece at lmco.com wrote:
>> Does such a thing exist as fax software that will work through a NIC?  I
>> found efax, but that is apparently for use through a modem only.
>efax works through regular e-mail. 
>Also, efax == jfax. Same company, same product. 

Note that efax != efax.  There is a software package called "efax", and
there's a service called efax.  Somone pointed him at efax and he found
the software, not the service.  Look at www.jfax.net -- that's a service
that does just what is being asked for (after we got some clarification).

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