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Mon Aug 7 21:04:30 MDT 2000

Thanks everyone for the email responses. We went with Sprint for the T due
to a very good deal on the setup and router (all free esentially) , so once
US west gets out for the site survey I guess we shall find out if it can be
installed. The condo complex in gunbarrel was built in 88'-89' so I hope I
have at least 2 pairs coming into the condo unit and cat 3 or above.

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>The Coop is not terribly proactive about bandwidth (they've had the same
>DS3s for a long time, now, I believe), but I haven't noticed that they
>oversubscribe a great deal (except by weighting towards that damn BBN pipe,
>which sucks).
>Someone mentioned Rockynet as a T-1 provider; that's who we use. They have
>DS3 into the Coop, as well as a DS3 to C&W, and a newly installed DS3 into
>The difference between Rockynet and the Coop is that the Coop is, well, a
>co-op, while Rockynet is an ISP. Currently, the Coop is showing $810 for
>first year of T-1 connectivity, plus a $500 setup, plus the $100 yearly
>membership fee. That doesn't include the circuit, which will run about
>$150-300 a month, as well as the routers, which are expensive.
>Rockynet's currently listing $450/month for a T-1. You'll still have to buy
>the circuit and the routers, though.
>They also have a POP somewhere near Gunbarrel that they can terminate T-1s
>at for those folks out there far away from the CO.
>Now, if you can just get everyone in the condo-park to sign on and run
>in through your window...
>Good luck,
>B. Allyn
>on 8/7/00 2:17 AM, Sean Reifschneider at jafo at tummy.com wrote:
>>> Also, if you go the Co-Op route, make them GUARANTEE you a throughput
>>> rating to somewhere UPSTREAM.  If you've ever seen their MRTG graphs
>>> from their routers, you'll know why I say that.  Their pipes are
>> I've seen their MTRG graphs and the coop seems to be VERY good about
>> proactively getting bandwidth.  Considering that they're mostly
>> DS3s, and those can take months of negotiations, they seem to do a
>> pretty good job of it, but that usually means that by the time one
>> DS3 is in they're starting the process for ordering another one.
>> Of the ISPs in the area, the COOP is most likely to be able to give
>> you bandwidth and lots of it, unless you start going for the big
>> national backbone providers charging (as I understand it) around
>> 3 to 5 times the cost.
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