[lug] residential T1

George Sexton gsexton at mhsoftware.com
Tue Aug 8 08:28:57 MDT 2000

I just built a Linux T1 router using a Sangoma WanPipe card. While it's not
for the faint of heart, it's not that difficult. Once I had the card in and
the kernel configured it took about 5 minutes to get the circuit up. Paul @
rockynet commented that it was one of the easier setups he had seen. I had
to do some really wacky configuration to get the router to work because of
the addressing scheme that they gave me.

I hope to have a write up on my web site in the next couple of weeks
describing how it works.

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> Rockynet's currently listing $450/month for a T-1. You'll still
> have to buy
> the circuit and the routers, though.

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