[lug] FTP services - disarming daemon

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Tue Aug 8 20:23:51 MDT 2000

Hi again. 

I'm using @home and I think the are detecting a service on my computer and
shutting me down, as someone on the list (sorry, I lost that message)
mentioned they'd heard they do. I would really like to have ftp for my own
use but looks like that's not even possible. DSL it is once I move next

But for now I have commented out every service but ftp and telnet,
thinking that neither one of those are daemonized. I logged into my box
from my iMac last night. So abviously they are tied to a daemon. Does
anyone know of a way to shut them down. Better yet, to allow them to only
recieve requests from 192.168s? I can't log on now. And I can't remember
what I changed, obviously something but whatever it was didn't take affect

I've tried activating every thing in /etc/services that I think would be
related and nothing work. So I re-commented them. If it's a combination of
things I won't find it tonight. I thought I'd backed up /etc but it's been
a while, was waiting til I have everything back to the way I want it.
(doing things the hard way again, for learnig purposes, (wondering if it's
paying off)).



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