[lug] AT&T @Home cable Internet access in Boulder - experiences?

Neal McBurnett nealmcb at avaya.com
Tue Aug 8 20:40:28 MDT 2000

Well, I got a flier from AT&T @Home, and had heard from a guy in an
@Home truck that our neighborhood (40th and Baseline) was wired, so I
called to sign up.  They're offering free installation, 2 months free
service, static ip address for free, and $39.95/month after that
(perhaps assuming you already have cable service).  Extra static ip
addrs (up to 5) at $4.95/month.  The policy is supposed to say you
can't run servers, but she said they don't have time to police that at
least now.  Downlink 1.5 Mb/s uplink 128 kb/s (sigh) 7 email
addresses, 70 MB free web space.  "we support linux but don't install
our software on it for you".

They say they'll be here on Saturday to do the install, providing
an additional cable jack for free also.

No choice of ISP now, but in February she said a new law would
kick in and they would have to allow ISP choice and the prices
would drop.

config: http://home.excite.com

Sounds good, especially when it is no cost for 2 months, but there
always seem to be some gotcha's and misunderstandings.  Any local
experiences?  Things to watch out for?


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