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I have both used and installed wireless internet
situations. Both being a a combo of DSL to--->the wireless radio(ethernet 
Aside from weather and line of site issues the
performance is the same as most other high speed
access. The local options are few, I did at one time
consider the Colorado Wireless Exchange. www.cwx.net..
The setup is steep with a pretty good monthly rate..


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>Thanks for the offer, I was merely curious about the costs on them, but
>they sound like a lot of fun and useful for many applications.
>At work, our shop is so Cisco-minded they wouldn't know what a Linux
>router could even do, let alone ever think one might be necessary...
>My latest interest/addiction is reading about various (not in Denver)
>mailing lists and web sites dedicated to the engineers building wireless
>ISP's.  Amazing what they're doing with cheap hardware, and the folks
>doing the engineering of most of the companies doing this seem to be the
>highly intelligent type who don't mind tinkering with Linux/BSD machines
>to do stuff like direct T1 connections, etc... power consumption and
>overall capital costs seem to drive them to, shall we say, "interesting"
>solutions sometimes.
>The folks on those lists would probably buy up your extra card in a
>heartbeat if you really want to get rid of it!  :)
>Anyway, I'm wondering how many folks on this list have ever used or
>played with wireless net access of any kind... what were your
>On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 01:14:25PM -0600, Sean Reifschneider wrote:
> > On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 01:04:05PM -0600, Nate Duehr wrote:
> > >Cool -- I keep seeing the WAN cards section doing kernel builds, but 
> > >met anyone who actually HAD one!  :)
> > >What do they cost?
> >
> > The one with the built-in CSU/DSU (meaning you can plug the T1 directly 
> > it) is around $900.  The one without is around $600, IIRC, but an 
> > CSU/DSU will cost you around $600, and you won't be able to pull line 
> > directly on the Linux box without additional work.
> >
> > We've got a spare one here, we could make you a deal on.  Oh, I also 
> > an Intel router that I'd sell you for $200 -- it requires a CSU/DSU 
> > Nice thing about a stand-alone router is that you don't have to take it 
> > when doing maintenance on your firewall -- may or may not be an issue 
> > you.  The Intel router is pretty nice, it even does NAT and you can 
> > a PCMCIA modem in it for a dial backup line.
> >
> > We've had mixed success with the Sangoma cards.  One has been working 
> > for a couple of years now (after a somewhat painful install), the other
> > one we never could get to work (possibly because of router problems on 
> > ISP end, but it was made more difficult because it was halfway across 
> > country from us).
> >
> > Emerging Technologies also makes T1 cards, but I recommend against them.
> > I've had nothing but trouble from both their products and their customer
> > support.
> >
> > Sean
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