[lug] FTP services - disarming daemon

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Wed Aug 9 10:14:53 MDT 2000

Great idea.... how do I do it :}. Actually I will be on that today. I'm
getting seriously tired of using the iMac for everything internet.

How the hell are they gonna get the moderately (seems to be the keyword
today) knowledgable market share?


On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Nate Duehr wrote:

> Speaking of TCP Wrappers, if you know for SURE what machines you'll need
> to access your FTP from, you could do an /etc/hosts.allow entry ONLY for
> those machines and @home's stupid scanner would get rejected which
> wouldn't trigger them to turn off your service.  :)
> On Tue, Aug 08, 2000 at 10:02:35PM -0600, PC Drew wrote:
> > JS> I'm using @home and I think the are detecting a service on my computer and
> > JS> shutting me down, as someone on the list (sorry, I lost that message)
> > JS> mentioned they'd heard they do. I would really like to have ftp for my own
> > JS> use but looks like that's not even possible. DSL it is once I move next
> > JS> month.
> > 
> > I could be wrong, but I don't think they're doing any filtering.
> I can't find the reference, but the Debian folks on irc.openprojects.net
> have a URL in one of the IRC bots that lists out @home's "world
> domination" plan... (heh heh).  They do random port-scanning and shut
> off service of folks running SMTP, FTP, and HTTP servers... but not in
> all areas.  
> I won't do business with "ISP's" who block things.  That's what my
> firewall systems are for.  :)
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