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Ferdinand Schmid fschmid at archenergy.com
Wed Aug 9 13:31:58 MDT 2000

I had really good luck with the ASUS K7V boards and AMD Athlon CPUs recently.  I have serveral server machines and some clients with CPUs between 750 MHz and 950 MHz.  Works great with the 2.2.14 kernel and combined with high end SCSI controller and disk it really rocks.  The speed increase that I got from using this motherboard compared to an generation 1 FIC board with the same Athlon 750 CPU was about 50% (on a very I/O and calculation intensive app).
Given the cost (Athlon 750 + ASUS k7V = $330, with 650 MHz it is $275 or less) I would recommend upgrading CPU and MB.  I never had luck with cheap motherboards.  They worked but didn't really perform well.


Chris Riddoch wrote:

> Now that I can finally afford a new motherboard, I'd like
> recommendations for something that doesn't suck.  I've read on Tom's
> Hardware that my current Asus P2B is supposed to be decent, but I
> think I got a flake.
> The IDE system can lock up, especially on CD access. I get random IDE
> bus resets and the kernel turns off DMA because of it, and the
> wonderfully flaky Award BIOS likes to play around with assigning the
> same IRQ to 3 devices, and other such ridiculous things.  I really
> have a hard time believing this is all 2.2.16's fault.
> I'll need 2 ISA slots for an ISA ne2k NIC and my old AWE32 sound card,
> a PCI system that can handle my Adaptec card using an AIC-7856
> chipset, an AGP slot for my Diamond Viper 770, Slot 1 for the Celery
> 400, and a 64M stick of DIMM memory.  I've also got two IDE hard
> drives, a no-name CDROM and a nice little Mitsumi CDRW.  And the
> standard array of littler peripherals.
> I could be convinced to trade-in my space-heater of a Celeron 400 if a
> suitable alternative (AMD?) would work better, since I'm trying to
> switch motherboards anyway.
> Recommendations?
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