[lug] Right shift gives a * after starting a remote xterm

Carl.Wagner at Level3.com Carl.Wagner at Level3.com
Thu Aug 10 19:04:59 MDT 2000


when I start a xterm on my RH6.2 box and then ssh/telnet to another box
(normally a Sun) and then start an xterm, when I press the right shift 
key in the newly created xterm I get a single '*'.  It does not auto repeat. 
The shift key functions as normal except for giving a *.  This does not happen
with a left shift.

It seems to happen when originating from an xterm or a gnome-term.  I believe
that it happened under at least 6.1 RH as well.

Has anyone ever seen this before?  Is this possibly some sort of x-resource
that is misconfigured?


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