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Timothy Klein teece at hypermall.net
Thu Aug 10 20:35:52 MDT 2000


If I were you, I would seriously consider upgrading to an Athlon.  They are 
surprisingly cheap, especially for a lower Mhz one (like 650 or 700), and it
will be MUCH faster than your Celery.  I upgraded from Celeron 466 to Athlon 700
and my Seti at home times-per-work-unit went from time around 25 hours to around
7 hours.  Okay, okay, that's no benchmark, I know.  But the one benchmark I did
run (nbench I think) showed similar results (3 times faster FP, 2 times faster
integer, etc...).  Anyway,  new Athlon motherboards are from $100 to $175, and
the processers around 700 Mhz are around something like $150 to $200.

HTH, Tim

On Wed, Aug 09, 2000 at 12:25:16PM -0600, Chris Riddoch wrote:
> Now that I can finally afford a new motherboard, I'd like
> recommendations for something that doesn't suck.  I've read on Tom's
> Hardware that my current Asus P2B is supposed to be decent, but I
> think I got a flake.
> The IDE system can lock up, especially on CD access. I get random IDE
> bus resets and the kernel turns off DMA because of it, and the
> wonderfully flaky Award BIOS likes to play around with assigning the
> same IRQ to 3 devices, and other such ridiculous things.  I really
> have a hard time believing this is all 2.2.16's fault.
> I'll need 2 ISA slots for an ISA ne2k NIC and my old AWE32 sound card,
> a PCI system that can handle my Adaptec card using an AIC-7856
> chipset, an AGP slot for my Diamond Viper 770, Slot 1 for the Celery
> 400, and a 64M stick of DIMM memory.  I've also got two IDE hard
> drives, a no-name CDROM and a nice little Mitsumi CDRW.  And the
> standard array of littler peripherals.
> I could be convinced to trade-in my space-heater of a Celeron 400 if a
> suitable alternative (AMD?) would work better, since I'm trying to
> switch motherboards anyway.
> Recommendations?
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