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Thu Aug 10 20:43:43 MDT 2000

On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 10:30:38PM -0400, John Starkey wrote:
> Ralph thanks for replying. I still have your message concering the JAVA
> but I haven't been able to get back to that level. Sorry for the delay.
> I think you pinpointed the problem. Here's what happened in detail. 
> 1) I started building a new ruleset for my firewall based on the ipmasq
> howto. And as usual I digressed. What I was doing originally was to fix my
> routing problem. Anyway, something I did lost my mods for eth0 and eth1.
> 2) I decided as my original message states that I'm tired of not knowing
> the "innards" (to steal a slang from MD). So I went the Kernel compile
> HOWTO. I did all the makes and a bzdisk. I got a little confused at that
> point whether it was booting off the floppy. ( I did here the floppy
> moving on boot, but hmmmm, I'm dumb :}) 
> 3) On a reboot I went into CMOS and checked to see what it has (new
> machine). The clock was ahead by _only two hours_. Now I'm not sure since
> I booted via disk image whether the mod dates had been changed. 
> How often are they (the mod dates) changed (only on reboot, on an actual
> root user modification of those files, or just on re-compiles? 

The file dates of the modules themself only when you modify (i.e.
recompile them). The file dates of the source files are changed as
soon as you modify the source (or the Makefile/.config file).

> And is it only the kernel files?

No, this is the same for any software project. Basically,
the contents of the Makefile tells the make program which files
depend on which other files.

> I think this is why. I did the
> find . | args touch
> no should I recompile or should I leave it for now and only do a make
> clean? 

I would recompile to make shure that everything is ok.

> As a side-question/note. My eth0 is constantly blinking on the hub light.
> Just before I noticed it I tried a ping to a name to check DNS. I wonder
> if the ping is looping somehow (dumb question?? TTL doesn't change on hubs
> right??).

Have you sent it to the background  ( 'ping &') ? Then this is the case.
No, TTL shouldn't change on hubs ....

> Thanks,
> John 
> "the-guy-ain't-touchin-nothin-til-I-hear-from-someone-cuz-you-gus-have-got-to-be-tired-of-bailin-me-out"
> Starkey :}

Not at all, doing mail actually keps me awake ;-)


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