[lug] Module support (kernel compile)

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Thu Aug 10 21:06:51 MDT 2000

On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 10:59:36PM -0400, John Starkey wrote:
> Hi again. 
> So does the module support question pertain to (in a RedHat distro) the
> rpms or to other downloadable modules (or both). 

Hmm, i'm not at all competent with RedHat (using mostly Debian these days)
but i assume they mean: should the kernel support loadable modules. Some
people (incl. me) consider loadable kernel modules a potential security
risk, so on high security boxes i wouldn't enable them.

> I'm trying to get away from redhat to find out what Linux itself is all
> about. So if I say yes to the Modules questions instead of yes (meaning
> Kernel support) am I getting the Red Hat tainted distro version. Make any
> sense??

I think it's allways good to know more than one distro. Too often people
say 'Linux' when they mean RedHat/SuSE/Slackware/Mandrake ....


> John
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