[lug] Module support (kernel compile)

Kenneth D. Weinert kweinert at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 10 22:08:25 MDT 2000

At 23:55 8/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Ok hopefully this will be the last question.
>I will probably try compiling without any modules (atleast once). I'm
>using (pretty much) all standard equip. Without know what I have here, on
>average, would you say the kernel _usually_ has everything I need without
>any modules.
>My biggest worry is the ISA cards.
>I am starting to really test the limits of my knowledge (not that I don't
>do that every minute). I am removing one feature after another without
>REALLY knowing what they do. I don't wanna end up with an unbootable. What
>would make that happen, any quick answers?

Well, you can make a boot floppy from a bootable kernel, or you can do what 
I usually do, and that is to rename the current, working kernel and add an 
entry for it in lilo - that way I can do a normal boot from the hard drive 
if I need to.

of course, if you haven't used lilo, then learning this on top might be 
more risk than you want to acquire all at once :)

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