[lug] @home... a partial ammendment..

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Thu Aug 10 22:44:33 MDT 2000

I have to eat a few words. 

Although I'm still unhappy with @home's no-services policy I am a little
more confident in them.

I've been having a problem d-loading anything via ftp. If anyone has been
following my posts regarding Kernel Compiles. I've done several compiles
and just now reloaded the tulip and ne modules. And downloaded 10 megs in
43.7 seconds. So it _appears_ that I was wrong about them policing the
systems. Of course it's only been (2) downloads so far and only fifteen
minutes. BUT it's only fair that I post this follow up.

I'm not gonna post anymore serious complaints like that unless I'm totally
sure it's them (or anyone for that matter, sorry, although I was convinced
at the time). If anyone wants to know whether it reoccurs please email me
personally. I posted the complaint outta frustration (and apparent

Sorry bout dat,


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