[lug] Module support (kernel compile)

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Thu Aug 10 23:53:14 MDT 2000

> Well, I usually do a
> make bzImage
> then cd to /boot, rename the current kernel to a different name 
> (bzImage.good, for example), then copy the new kernel into /boot and then 
> edit /etc/lilo.conf to add an entry for bzimage.good.  Then run lilo and 
> reboot.
> Mind you, this is most probably minimal information - it has worked for me 
> and I'm sure that some of the more knowledgeable will be able to tell you 
> how to do it better :)

Ahhh come on.... lilo.conf doesn't look too hard. Errrr.... I think I'm
gonna try it. I feel another edrenaline rush comin on.....



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