[lug] @home... a partial ammendment..

Jeff Howell howeljs at segfault.stortek.com
Fri Aug 11 08:16:38 MDT 2000

John Starkey wrote:
> I have to eat a few words.
> Although I'm still unhappy with @home's no-services policy I am a little
> more confident in them.

That 'No Services' issue is very easy to get around. @Home runs a port
scanner and scans all the machines on it's network once every day or so
looking for folks breaking 'the rules'.

Using something like port sentry on your machine will detect their scan
and modify your ipchains rules to deny packets to them. This makes you
invisible to them. They can't scan you to see what services you're

As an FYI @Home is a haven for script kiddies, after installing
portsentry and iplog, I see port scans and attempts to crack about 30
times a day. There's someone out there that has been sending packets at
my box about 2 times a second on UDP 1015 for 5 weeks now. Contacting
@home to have him blocked at the router level got me nowhere.

 Jeff Howell
 EDS Unix Support
  Linux Slackware: The Ultimate NT Service Pack

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