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Jeff Howell howeljs at segfault.stortek.com
Fri Aug 11 08:44:23 MDT 2000

> You know it's funny that I'm even using the word "catch". I'm trying to
> download Enhydra and Oracle for pro use but I'm not allowing anyone use of
> my services.
> > Using something like port sentry on your machine will detect their scan
> > and modify your ipchains rules to deny packets to them. This makes you
> > invisible to them. They can't scan you to see what services you're
> > running.
> So for a newbie is port sentry gonna be a weekend project or is it pretty
> simple. I was just blown away at how relatively easy Kernel compiles are.
> Impressed with how far I've come in 10 months (so something's bound to go
> wrong real soon) :}
> Where can I find it?

They are both well documented and pretty easy to get going. If you
already have ipchains going, you have the hard part done for portsentry.
http://www.psionic.com/abacus/portsentry/ is the homepage for

You won't see activity in your logs unless you crank up the verbosity of
syslog in your kernel compile or install something like iplog or
portsentry. Portsentry can be set up to run a script when it's
triggered, so it can email you every time your scanned as well.

As far as your FTP bandwidth, sounds like you're just on a busy segment
in @home's network. I've never gotten better than 30k/sec upstream from
my box.

 Jeff Howell
 EDS Unix Support
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