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John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Fri Aug 11 08:44:27 MDT 2000

Ok. Thanks. I will get cranking on that right now. I've got a couple

Thanks a lot.


On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, Jeff Howell wrote:

> > You know it's funny that I'm even using the word "catch". I'm trying to
> > download Enhydra and Oracle for pro use but I'm not allowing anyone use of
> > my services.
> > 
> > > Using something like port sentry on your machine will detect their scan
> > > and modify your ipchains rules to deny packets to them. This makes you
> > > invisible to them. They can't scan you to see what services you're
> > > running.
> > 
> > So for a newbie is port sentry gonna be a weekend project or is it pretty
> > simple. I was just blown away at how relatively easy Kernel compiles are.
> > Impressed with how far I've come in 10 months (so something's bound to go
> > wrong real soon) :}
> > 
> > Where can I find it?
> They are both well documented and pretty easy to get going. If you
> already have ipchains going, you have the hard part done for portsentry.
> http://www.psionic.com/abacus/portsentry/ is the homepage for
> portsentry.
> You won't see activity in your logs unless you crank up the verbosity of
> syslog in your kernel compile or install something like iplog or
> portsentry. Portsentry can be set up to run a script when it's
> triggered, so it can email you every time your scanned as well.
> As far as your FTP bandwidth, sounds like you're just on a busy segment
> in @home's network. I've never gotten better than 30k/sec upstream from
> my box.
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