[lug] Errrr, or PATH variables....

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Fri Aug 11 12:01:34 MDT 2000

This has totally been driving me crazy since Febuary.

I thought I'd beat this very simple PROBLEM!!

OK. So uhhh.....


(in BASH)

Why won't it hold when I exit? I don't want to manipulate /etc/profile.
I'm trying to set $ORACLE_HOME. I go thru this PATH problem every fewe
months and I can't remember if I fix ever got it to work. I only have a
couple users so it's not a common thing.

Hey anyone ever notice that using pine you can make a smiley face ( :} )
look like the Lone Ranger by putting the cursor over the eyes.... I'm
really loosing it.


John "Machete man" Schlebotnic (ouch) :}

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