[lug] Seti at home

Stephen Coffin scoffin at netcom.com
Fri Aug 11 15:54:27 MDT 2000

>> I haven't checked their web site
>> lately so perhaps this has changed, but I guess what I wonder is how do
>> you know that your machine is really working on Seti data rather than
>> perhaps chewing on some encryption breaking code? 

I guess we don't know this.  But after completing over 265 seti at home
work units, I can say that the "rhythm" of these work units is
pretty consistent, and any new or different computing would have
to be disguised very well to avoid being obvious.  Also, the home
worker downloads the processing code only once, and only picks up the
data blocks regularly.  Not so easy to spoof it all, imho....

				GV Computing
				scoffin at netcom.com

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