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John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Fri Aug 11 20:12:07 MDT 2000

Oops. I think I did move /boot. Oh well. I really was under the impression
that a boot floppy would always boot the machine. MSDOS did but I don't
know DOS. And it's saying invalid disk specification.

Anyone know why the b-up disk wouldn't boot? It came from yesterdays
escapades. I did a make bzDisk and this is the floppy. I wonder if 

Hmmm. Where's that newbie luck when I need it. :}

I'm setting up a cheap box that I have laying around.

Hoping to get a boot floppy outta the deal that might work.

I have notta yetta begun to fighta... :]


On 11 Aug 2000, Chris Riddoch wrote:

> John Starkey <jstarkey at ajstarkey.com> writes:
> > Hey... Hugh.... so uhhh... member last night when I expressed my concern
> > about making my box... well.... unbootable????
> It can be done, but not if you're careful and provide a way for
> yourself to back out of changes you've made.  If you change a file,
> and suspect it *could* do something bad if you didn't do it right,
> make a copy of it.
> > It's kinda like this... I uhhhh.... well... I started mv'ing everyting to
> > a /*.bak file because well.... I was gonna recompile a kernel... well....
> > I kinda moved the /lib file and now I got a kernel panis..
> Whoops. I've done worse, myself.  It's harder to recover from deleting
> your /usr tree.  Your system, unlike my first one, is probably still
> recoverable, as long as you've only renamed files/directories instead
> of deleting them, and haven't overwritten anything by moving things
> around.
> Reboot boot your machine.  At the lilo prompt, type in 'linux' or
> whatever the target is for going into Linux, and then a space, and
> then 'init=/bin/sh', then enter.  As long as you didn't move *too*
> much around in /boot, and /bin/sh is still where it's supposed to be,
> you'll be able to get to a root prompt and move /lib back in its
> place.
> Another reboot and a normal bootup *should* work.
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