[lug] Module support (kernel compile)

Chan Kar Heng khchan at cyberdude.com
Sat Aug 12 04:02:00 MDT 2000

hi there.

just seemed to me some terms were mixed up...

kernel modules are sort of equivalent to device drivers.
eg: network device drivers, sound device drivers, file
system drivers, storage device drivers, etc.

the kernel provides a higher level interface
(something programmers can make use of more easily and
consistently) to the hardware (your computer and all its
devices). the codes or routines to talk to these devices
would then be in the kernel. one can usually imagine them
compiled into one kernel image.

loadable kernel modules are codes/routines of these devices
compiled separately into another file. the kernel may
load them when required.

less messy where change of hardware often requires the linux
administrator to recompile the kernel to support new devices.

RPM deals with software packages. small pieces of software,
or big ones. they don't usually have anything to do with
recompilation of a kernel unless that piece of software
uses some device in particular. equivalent to the context
of add/remove programs in winblows.



>Ok hopefully this will be the last question.
>I will probably try compiling without any modules (atleast once). I'm
>using (pretty much) all standard equip. Without know what I have here, on
>average, would you say the kernel _usually_ has everything I need without
>any modules. 
>My biggest worry is the ISA cards. 
>I am starting to really test the limits of my knowledge (not that I don't
>do that every minute). I am removing one feature after another without
>REALLY knowing what they do. I don't wanna end up with an unbootable. What
>would make that happen, any quick answers? 
>I'm gonna make a boot floppy now just incase. But there's nothing short of
>a complete erasure that would make me go back to the RedHat distro disk?
>Would kinda defeat the purpose.
>Once again. Thanks this is a lot of help.

i don't suffer from stress... i'm a carrier.

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