[lug] Finding IRQ's, etc., from within Linux

D. Duke Smith duke at firstworld.net
Mon Aug 14 08:27:59 MDT 2000

If you start at the KDE main menue (which you can get to from
Gnome if you installed KDE), go to settings, then Information.
There you will find several sections on memory, processor,
I/O ports, etc. This may lead you to some of the information
you seek.

youHugh Brown wrote:
> cat /proc/interrupts
> cat /proc/ioports
> the /proc filesystem has what appear to be empty files that can give you
> info about your kernel.  running cat on the file will query the kernel
> and return certain values.  opening them in a text editor will do
> nothing for you.  pagers seem to have varied results for me.
> Hugh
> B O'Fallon wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> > Does anyone know of a diagnostics program that will give information
> > about hardware and hardware settings from within Linux? Or command that
> > will do this?
> >
> > I need to find out my system IRQ's and memory allocation scheme, and
> > need information similar to that provided by the "properties" feature of
> > My Computer under Windows.
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