[lug] dumpdates

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Mon Aug 14 10:08:01 MDT 2000

> Well, since you're egging me on <smirk>.  

No, I was just kidding. You made the comment that the more knowledgable
should assure the newbies that compiling a kernel is not a dangerous
endeavor. Which it isn't. Til you get fearless dummies like me doing it.

> What kinds of things are you
> moving around and why are you moving the /lib files?  Nothing should need
> to move to compile or recompile.  
See above. When I re-compiled I disabled modules support. Then I noticed
in /lib/modules that everything was still there. So I tried renaming it.
So "what the hell" I decided to try renaming everything else I thought the
kernel would replace, knowing that it'd boot from the floppy or CD no
matter what. The floppy image was gave me the same kernel panic. So I
tried CD. And I think I forgot to take the floppy out, because the CD
didn't boot.

So that's where I started to get scared. Later the CD did boot. And my
panic stricken research really learned me a lot :}

> You also don't need, and usually don't
> want to move the old kernel either since once you've moved it you will
> have to re-run Lilo before things will boot again.  

Again see above :}

> Keep in mind that you
> can have as many kernels in your root directory as disk space and desire
> allows.  You put entries in your Lilo.conf file to point to each kernel
> file.  That way you can start whichever one you want.

This is the route I'll take in the future. I didn't totally understand the
HOWTO regarding this technique and heard that it can be done without this.
So for newbie sake I did without.

> I guess I'm pretty confused at what you are trying to do ...

You KNOW; sometimes I have that same problem :} Sometimes I just do
things, but try to only when I have a way out.


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