[lug] R/W Permissions on partitions

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Mon Aug 14 11:59:54 MDT 2000

I'm now installing Sybase. Oracle had no movement in System info (gnome)
and after 12 hours didn't even go up 1% on the install meter.

One thing with Sybase has got me stumped. I set up a new HD and added two
partitions. Entered them in fstab and now I'm working on the install
(sybase). I've got the Sybase user logged in and running the install. It's
telling me I don't have r/w permissions for /sybase (/dev/hdc2) and /db
(/dev/hdc1). I can't remember what the two digits in fstab, the last two
for each entry. I thought they were binary, but also think they have
something to do with permissions, although I don't know why. 

I checked the entry for /home to compare and my /sybase and /db entries
are identical. 

Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?? Besides trying to wade in the deep
end?? :}


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