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As a followup to the thread on Java last week...

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What:    Meeting of the Boulder Java User Group
Topic:    JUnit -- a Unit Test Framework for Java: How-to and Why-to
Who:     Vince Dean
When:    August 16th, 7:30 PM
Where:   CU Business School, room 224


1. 7:30-7:45 PM        Group Administration, Job announcements, etc.

2. 7:45-8:45 PM        Presenation

Junit is a Java framework for writing automated unit tests. Written by Erich
Gamma and Kent Beck, JUnit was designed to make it so easy to write unit
tests that programmers would actually write them.

I was part of a small team at Qwest Advanced Technologies that used JUnit on
our most recent programming project. We found that JUnit met our needs; it
is lightweight and easy to use. In the past, we have been reluctant to
restructure existing code, for fear of breaking it. With our new test suite,
we believe it will be easier to evolve our software in the future.

I will discuss:

-how to use JUnit
-some "gotchas" that we found
-why our unit test suite has been valuable to us
-our experience with some of the Extreme Programming practices, including
pair programming

There will be time for discussion. Please come and share your experiences
and opinions on unit testing and JUnit.

For infomation on Junit:

Test Infected, Programmers Love Writing Tests, an article by Beck and Gamma:

Junit: A Cook's Tour, Erich Gamma and Kent Beck, Java Report, May 1999, pp.
27-38. This article is also included in the JUnit distribution.

For version 3.2 of JUnit (and ports to other languages):


For information on Extreme Programming:



Extreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck, 2000, Addison-Wesley.


Map - http://www.colorado.edu/Directories/WebMap/
The Business school is building #4. Parking is available on the street or in
the parking lot just east of the building.

Directions from the South:
Take 36 North into Boulder. Turn west on Colorado, the south on Regent. The
Business school is the second building on your right.

Directions from the North:
Take 36 South into Boulder. Turn west on Colorado, the south on Regent. The
Business school is the second building on your right.

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