[lug] booting and kernel compiling (was dumpdates)

Jason Packer/Boulder/Contr/IBM jpacker at us.ibm.com
Tue Aug 15 08:00:30 MDT 2000

D. Stimits wrote:

"Remember that libc (or glibc, or some version) is required for almost
everything. While modules in /lib/modules/ can be removed for many
things, take out libc, and you've basically cut the spinal cord. Much of
what the kernel does to relate to other programs involves it. As an
experiment, run ldd on programs in /bin or /sbin that you consider
essential, probably none of them live without libc, but many need only
that and the linker (which is another good one not to destroy)."

This may be the most important lesson about Linux that I have learned from
this list.  I'm curious, however, just where you have come by this
knowledge.  It's certainly not in any books I've read about Linux.  Is it
all from experience, or from programming using Linux?


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