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Jason Packer/Boulder/Contr/IBM jpacker at us.ibm.com
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We're in Longmont as well, and my wife uses your-site.com to host her
stuff.  Fast, reliable and cheap.  No NT boxes in their entire operation,
but support for FrontPage, ASP and PHP4 for sure, plus probably more.  And
they're professional enough that I doubt they'd have any trouble re-routing
a domain from one IP to another when the time comes...


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I live in the Siberian district of Longmont, where there is no DSL, no
cable, and ISDN requires a booster. Basically, my first choice for
anything beyond a 56k (the area phone lines do not work with DSL) is a
T1. So I'm considering getting a commercial web at my ISP, using my own
domain. However, it lacks a lot of things, for example, I wanted to add
a cvs site for a few individuals, and the web servers do not allow
server side scripts, such as PHP or Python (javascripts bites the big
one, I only use it at work where I must). So I don't see this as a
permanent solution, but it would help temporarily. I've heard a few
horror stories though, concerning getting dns entries updated once a
domain is moved to another ISP. If I were to register a domain, keep it
at this ISP for a year, then eventually run my own when I get located
with a better connection, how much trouble would it be to transfer the
domain to the new site? Is this a pain? Is it a slow process? I'm
looking for opinions on how this would work.

D. Stimits, stimits at idcomm.com

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