[lug] colocation

John Starkey jstarkey at ajstarkey.com
Tue Aug 15 19:00:00 MDT 2000

Check out websitecreations.net. (for hosting.) They have a lot of extras.
I'm using the Cobalt 25 package. The only difference in the price is
the storage. I'm happy with them.

This doesn't answer your question about colocation but I did ask them
about installing StarOffice for a shared calender I needed on a project
and they were very open minded. I think they'd do CVS. 

I've got a CVS here. But you know how much I know. I couldn't guarantee


On Tue, 15 Aug 2000, D. Stimits wrote:

> I was pondering (trademark pinky and the brain) the difference in price
> between buying web space at an existing ISP machine, versus putting my
> own hardware in via colocation. My local ISP charges $35/mo for a
> restricted web site, and $200/mo for colocation that has a 20 gig/month
> transfer included at that price. I'm interested in the web page, but
> also in a private cvs and running a game server on it at the same time,
> so colocation has a very big advantage there. But at $200/mo, the
> increase is a lot over $35/mo. What kind of range of cost have people
> here found for server colocation with similar bandwidth (this is
> non-commercial for me, so cost does matter)?
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