[lug] Upgrade follies

Duke Smith duke at forstworld.net
Thu Aug 17 16:14:53 MDT 2000

Yo, Fokes!

I've just upgraded RHLx 6.1 to 6.2 and FTP seems to have been hosed. In
order to
get any ftp at all when installing 6.1, I had to let it give me anonymous
ftp. Then
it worked OK, but when I upgraded to 6.2, I got "Cx refused" when ftp'ing
from another (local, real-user) machine. Linuxconf & Init editor also showed

nothing about ftp or wuftp.

Anybody got any clues what's going on, better yet, how to get it up (ftp,
that is,
I've given up on the other). BTW, I removed & re-installed the ftp RPM to no


- duke

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