[lug] Stack trace question

Dan Wilson danwilson100 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 16 20:18:08 MDT 2000

D. Stimits

>references. One can disassemble almost anything, but it doesn't
>necessarily get you anywhere in terms of useful information. So one big
>question is whether tracing is going to be a one-way or two-way thing.
>Do unknown functions have to get info from yours, or does yours have to
>get info from others?
This is one way. just myfunction() from myfunction.so will examine
the stack and associated modules.

I think I am much closer to finding my answer.  If I get the pid I can
look at /proc/pid/maps which tells me which modules are loaded and where.
Now I just need to get the stack from myfunction() to the top and see
where each function lands in the range that I have from /proc/pid/maps.  So 
my question is now only how do
I get the stack trace.  I need the address. I think I must write an assembly 
code to walk through the stack.


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