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Ryan Kirkpatrick linux at rkirkpat.net
Thu Aug 17 18:34:47 MDT 2000

	I remember that someone at the last meeting was interested in
recommendations for backup tape drives. I would first recommend looking in
the archives for this list as this subject has been discussed before.
Secondly, I would highly recommend the Ecrix VXA-1 tape drive. It can
holds lots of data, is fast, quiet, reliable, and best of all it works
fine with Linux (personally tested on Intel and Alpha platforms). 
	Even better, Ecrix currently has a try-before-you-buy deal going
on them, such that if you you buy the drive, you save $500 (nearly 50%
off). That puts the price of the drive at just over $500 (for the internal
version). That might sound overkill for a home setup, but given the
current size of hard drives and the quality of most "home user level tape
drives" that I have had the unlucky fortune to deal with, the VXA drive is
worth every cent even for that home setup.
	Ok, I will get off my soap box now. And no, I don't work for Ecrix
in any way, just a happy customer. More information about their evaluation
program is attached below.

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Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2000 14:06:56 -0700
From: franks at ecrix.com
Subject: Ryan, info you requested.

Hello Ryan, 

This is info you requested on special promotions for VXA Tape
Drive Products. This month's highlights:
* Save $500 on VXA-1 Internal and External Kits.
* Save $450 on VXA-1 Retrospect Bundles.
* Savings with VXAtape Media 5-packs and 10-packs.

This month's promotions good through Thursday, August 31, from
the Ecrix Web Store, in US and Canada.

This e-mail is sent only to subscribers. Subscription info is 
at the bottom. 

- Frank.

PS: Do you know anyone who is in a market for a reliable and 
affordable high-performance tape drive? Forward this email
and let them know about these great deals!
VXA Tape Drive Promotions -- August 16, 2000

* Free 30-day evaluation on VXA-1 kits, plus $500 savings.
* Retrospect software bundle offer, save $450.
* New VXAtape V10 media with 20/40 GB capacity.
* VXAtape media 5-packs and 10-packs, save up to $55.50.
* What's included in a kit?
* The VXA Tape Drive Sweepstakes.
* How to unsubscribe.
* Contact Info.

PCWorld reviewed VXA and said "The VXA-1 offers several
advantages over other tape drives." PC Magazine named it the
"Best Storage Product" for 1999. So, what are you waiting for?
Give VXA a try!

All pricing is US Dollars, and offers in this email good only
in the US and Canada, until Thursday August 31, and available 
only from the Ecrix Web Store, by going to:

We're renewing our 30-day free evaluation offer for first
time buyers. This is a great way to try out a VXA drive
absolutely risk free. Try the VXA-1 drive completely free
for 30 days. And, if you decide to keep it, get big savings:
* VXA-1 External Kit, only USD $649, save $500.
* VXA-1 Internal Kit, only USD $489, save $500.
* VXA-1 External Retrospect Bundle, only USD $749, save $450.
* VXA-1 Internal Retrospect Bundle, only USD $589, save $450.
NOTE: Prices shown for SCSI-2/SE. Add USD $40 for Ultra2/LVD.

To start your free trial, use this link:

For info on VXA tape drives, go to:
NEW VXAtape V10 Media WTIH 20/40 GB

Check out the new V10 VXAtape with 20/40 GB of capacity. If
you thought the V17 33/66 was too much, and the V6 12/24 not
enough, then this one is for you! The V10 is the same high
quality AME media as the V6 and V17, just a different tape
length for a flexible mid-range capacity. List price $44.95.

To get your V6 VXAtape, go to: http://store.ecrix.com/

All of our media are available in 5-packs and 10-packs with
savings over individual list price. We introduced these
packs at the end of June, and they've been a huge hit.
* 10-Pack of V17 (33/66) Tapes for $744 (Save $55.50).
* 5-Pack of V17 (33/66) Tapes for $372 (Save $27.75).
* 5-Packs and 10-Packs also available for the V6 and V10.

To get your VXAtape media, go to: http://store.ecrix.com/

VXA-1 drive, V17 VXAtape (33/66 GB), cleaning tape, QuickStart
Guide, Documentation and Drivers CD-ROM. Choose SCSI interface
(SCSI-2/SE 50-pin or Ultra2 SCSI/LVD 68-pin) and color (black,
white). SCSI connector cables and terminators available separately.

VXA-1 drive in enclosure with cooling fan and power supply,
power cable, SCSI terminator, V17 VXAtape (33/66 GB), cleaning
tape, QuickStart Guide, Documentation and Drivers CD-ROM. Choose
SCSI interface (SCSI-2/SE 50-pin or Ultra2 SCSI/LVD 68-pin) and
color (black, white, red, translucent). SCSI connector cables
available separately.

Includes Internal or External Kit (above), PLUS the award
winning Dantz Retrospect Desktop Backup on a dual-platform
CD-ROM for either Mac or Windows.

To try out a kit or software bundle for 30 days free, use
this link:

If you're not ready to try one of our drives, you can still
sign up to win one of the drives we give away each month in
the VXA Sweepstakes. Go to:
We have increased the odds of winning, by giving away one drive
for each 500 entries in the Sweepstakes. The odds of winning
are 1 in 500 or better. The winners for July were:
* George Swan, Toronto Canada
* Dale Anderson, Midland MI
* Ian Lang, Nottingham UK
* Tom Fletcher, Beaufort SC
* Norman Murray, NC
* Leila Covrigaru, Ann Arbor MI
* Kirk Johnson, Richmond IL
* Antti Leinonen, Joensuu Finland
* David Lindsay, Palo Alto CA
* Brian Huffman, St Paul MN
* Kevin Lawson, Arlington MA
* Lee Pfeifer, Bismarck ND
* Adam McGaughey, Scottsdale AZ

When you sign up, you can find out how to multiply your chances
of winning by refferring others to the sweepstakes with banners
or email.

Go to http://www.vxa.com/subscribe, and use this e-mail
address: vxa at rkirkpat.net

I'd be very happy to help out with anything that you need.
You can contact me anytime.

- Frank Saab
  Internet Business Manager
  franks at ecrix.com

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