[lug] JOB AD: tummy.com Senior System Admin

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Thu Aug 17 19:42:51 MDT 2000

Senior Linux System Administrator, Full Time

Since 1995, tummy.com has been providing specialized services for the
Linux market.  We are looking for a senior-level system administrator to
join our team.  Candidates should have 5+ years of Unix administration
experience with 2+ years of Linux.

Technologies: Linux kernel, IP filtering, routing, QMail, Sendmail,
Linux Security, system maintenance, Redhat Package Manager, DNS, SMB,
RADIUS, system monitoring, Python, Perl, C and sh/bash.

Our results-oriented environment provides a lot of freedom, but demands
self motivation in return.  Remote work is possible as long as weekly
face-to-face meetings in the Denver/Fort Collins area are possible.

Please send your resume and a cover-letter to <job-20000816 at tummy.com>
for consideration.

Detailed information about our company and projects is available at
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Sean Reifschneider, Inimitably Superfluous <jafo at tummy.com>
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