[lug] Remember the Win95 system snooper?

Duke Smith duke at forstworld.net
Fri Aug 18 21:15:34 MDT 2000

Remember? This little snooper caused a stir among those concerned with our
privacy, & M$ managed to downplay it?

Well, the other night I was working on my brand-new, almost-an-OS win2KPro
system with TaskManager sitting at the end of the taskbar, & noticed after I'd
been running awhile the TaskManager icon would go solid green; checking
the performance tab showed it was full on. Checkng "processes" sorted by
CPU usage, there was this little guy called inetinfo.exe running, gobbling up
all CPU cycles I wasn't using (running at a low enough priority not to interfere
with my work enough to notice it). Also, I started to notice lights flickering on

my ENet hub, my INet gateway, & my DSL bridge, when I wasn't doing anything
to cause this to happen.

So, I said, "Begone, varlet", and changed its name. Rebooted, and again, after
running awhile, TaskManager icon goes solid green. So I check again, & guess
what? There it is again. So I try to remove it from \winnt\system32\inetsrv, and
of course WinDOS won't let me. So, remembering I could change its name, I
do that again, then remove it by the new name.

Sure enough, pretty soon WinDOS starts screaming at me: "Hey, there's this
program that's absolutely essential for WinDOS to run properly and it seems
to have disappeared! Quit whatever you're doing, put in the WinDOS 2KPro
CD, & hit enter." So I sez, p_ss on you, WinDOS, and just reboot again,
and, strange as it may seem, WinDOS runs fine without it.

Note that it will also get cached in "dllcache", but that doesn't happen once
been removed from ".inetsrv"

Enny body have any idear what this thing is really doing?


- duke

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