[lug] Microsoft Porting to Linux

Ken Kinder ken at kenkinder.com
Fri Aug 18 11:20:22 MDT 2000

If it doesn't happen now, it's certain to happen after the split. I've
personally noticed the Microsoft QA department (try to resist laughter) is
a lot worse on MacOS than Windows. Still, it gives them a token to barter
with Apple on MacOS. Anyone remember Microsoft politely asking/threatening
Apple to not publish their Basic language? Apple would be in some degree
of trouble should Office suddenly go away for MacOS. That reason doesn't
make any sense with Linux because there is no single company to threaten,
and I think Linus could pass on a port of Office anyhow.

After the split, it's likely that Microsoft-Application will start porting
for the old fassion reason: to sell copies of the ported programs and make

 - 2 cents
Ken Kinder

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