[lug] Microsoft Porting to Linux

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But don't you think it's irrational to expect that people who have all their
applications already working in Linux would then switch to Windows in the
same way that people who originally used a Mac might have switched to
Windows?  In the Mac-to-Windows scenario, there was at least a potential
cost-savings on the hardware.  With a Linux-to-Windows scenario, the same
Intel hardware that works for Windows works for Linux, so there's no cost
savings in switching from Linux to Windows.  In fact, there's a cost penalty
because you have to pay for the Windows OS.  Plus there's a downgrade in the
quality of the operating system!

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	All -

	What else is new? M$ has, I believe, been doing this sort of thing
	for a good deal longer than a year. As for M$ Office, look at Sun
	Developer Connection for Linux &/or Solaris (Intel) versions of
	StarOffice. The main apps, word processor, spreadsheet, presentation
	maker, do a pretty good job of reading M$- Word, Excel, & PowerPoint
	formats. Give them support, & it's a win for US againt THEM! (SO is
	free for downloading).

	- d

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