[lug] Microsoft Porting to Linux

Jason Packer/Boulder/Contr/IBM jpacker at us.ibm.com
Fri Aug 18 13:37:29 MDT 2000

I have to take issue with the last statement, that Windows is getting
buggier all the time.  I am a big-time Linux geek, from way back 0.98
kernel, and when I installed Win2K, it blew me away.  I felt certain that
there must be some kind of radical change in the code, because my
PII-450/256 went from dog-slow to really impressively fast after the
upgrade.  And the install of NT4 that I had been using was only about a
month old, so it wasn't totally encrusted with weird registry entries.

I have yet to see Win2K blow up big yet, but I'm sure it will eventually.
All I know is that in my short experience with it, it's worlds better than
most anything else I've used from MicroSloth.

Still doesn't keep me from running linux (now exclusively) on my home
machine.  Helps that I've got a company laptop for anything MS I have to
run, like Lotus Notes...


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> Microsoft wants to use this to leverage Linux as an
> entry point to Windows, as it did by releasing Office for the Macintosh.

I wonder how Microsoft figures that they can use Linux as an entry point to
Windows? Who would want to trade a stable OS with applications that are
free or reasonably priced, for one that is buggy, crashes all the time, and
costs way too much? Especially when Windows is getting more so (buggy, etc)
all the time?
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